Our Model

AWILI deliberately targets women and youth by providing seed capital in-form of improved farm inputs (as opposed to cash) at much fairer interest rates (paid back in kind).

Women are deliberately targeted as they are well known for spending most of their money more conveniently and they also carry the lowest default risk. Youths are deliberately targeted to remain in the country-side and positively contribute to their village economies.

Our model provides a standard input credit package for a >2 acre farming plot for households to produce maize (enough for consumption) legumes (groundnuts, soybeans, pigeon peas and sugar beans), Paprika, Chilies, and Rice for income.

This is a local model developed together with local communities in our areas of implementation which can be easily replicated in other areas.  

Agro-input loan provision

Provides agro-inputs on credit to women; Agwenda Women Input Loan Initiative (AWILI).

We provide input loans to women and youth groups, we have collaborated with one of the reputable commercial banks in Malawi (NBS Bank) to provide agency banking services (banki pafupi). We are also responsible in providing financial and SME literacy for women and youth in the rural areas.
The past 5 years we have provided input finance to women and youth farmers and their life stories have improved. We provide fertilizers, improved maize seeds enough for 2 acres for families to have enough food reserves. We also provide soybeans, groundnut, Paprika, Chilies and Rice seeds for generating revenues and increasing household incomes, this is where women ably support their children with school fees, nutritious diets and attain productive assets.