Who we are

The Quick Pitch

Agwenda Investments is a profit making organization (limited by shares) providing agro-dealer, trading and veterinary services to smallholder farmers in Malawi. Noticing a gap in accessing quality farm inputs through loans from the bank and Microfinance Institutions by most rural women smallholder farmers, Agwenda Women Input Loan Initiative (AWILI) was established to close that gap. An input loan model developed closely with rural women smallholder farming communities (usually considered "un-bankable" communities) is championing women transformation while attaining business growth. Started in 2014, AWILI operates on 4 strategic business pillars:

1.) Agro-dealership- Selling improved and certified farm inputs and agro-vet products at a competitive price in rural (hard to reach) strategic points for smallholder farmers to easily access. 

2.) Micro Agro-Input Finance – Providing improved and certified agro-inputs (fertilizers, inoculant, maize and legume seed) on credit to organized groups (cooperatives, associations, clubs ) targeting women and youth to improve their productivity and take farming as a business under Agwenda Women Input Loan Initiative.  

3.) Climate Smart Agriculture– Providing climate smart farming advice to smallholder farmers in a bid to improve their productivity for easy input loan repayment. We also operate a Sugarcane and Mango farm while practicing CSA.

4.) Collective Marketing – Consolidating smallholder farmer produce and engaging reputable off-takers in a bid to improve farmer revenues (incomes).


The Problem

The main problem of Malawi’s agriculture are low productivity and profitability of smallholder agriculture. Limited access to improved farming inputs has contributed to low productivity leading to most rural household food insecure. Shortage of markets (especially by women) has led to low profitability. Despite women championing farm activities, they are the most marginalized in accessing input finance.

Our Vision

To be the company that satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of rural women smallholder farmers through Agribusiness across Malawi.

Our Mission

To meet the farmers’ expectation and beyond. 

Our Goal

To contribute towards increasing incomes and improve food security for smallholder (especially women and youth) farming households across Malawi in a profit oriented and sustainable manner.


The Solution

We provide improved and certified agro-inputs to rural masses at competitive prices to ensure they access quality inputs in a bid to increase productivity. We deliberately target women by financing them with improved farm inputs on loan paid back in kind.

Our targeted value chains are oil crops, spices, rice and legumes. We provide ready markets under the same value chains.


Meet our managerial team 

Sungeni Ngónamo Managing Director
Lusungu Chirambo Head of Operations
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Faless Kachisuzi Team Leader (Sales)
Beauty Upindi
Beauty Upindi Team Leader (Loans)


We have a vibrant and experienced advisory board

Jes Colding

Jes Colding

Director at JKC Consult, Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark

Jakob Nybroe

Jakob Nybroe

CSR Manager at AAK KAMANI PRIVATE LIMITED – Edible Vegetable fats & Oils, Raipur Area, India

Mette Mikkelsen

Mette Mikkelsen

Expert in Export/ Internationalization, Sales, Strategy. Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark