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Frustrating Rural poverty

We provide cash, climate resilient seeds and dual purpose birds on loan to rural women and youths to change their stories!!

Frustrating rural poverty through AWILI

We are a private limited company providing agro-related products and services to rural communities in central and northern region of Malawi. We are also registered by the Central Bank of Malawi as a Microfinance Institution providing cash, farm inputs and improved local chickens to women and youths under our model Agwenda Women Input Loan Initiative (AWILI). The model recognizes the gap that rural women and youths face in accessing loans from formal financial institutions as they are usually rendered un-bankable. By providing improved farm inputs through our agro shops and imparting farming knowledge through our extension officers, our rural women and youth farmers are equipped for the farming season!

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Our Strategic Pillars.


Selling improved and certified farm inputs and agro-vet products at a competitive price in rural (hard to reach) strategic points for smallholder farmers to easily access.

Micro Finance

We are a Microfinance Institution registered by the Central Bank of Malawi providing both cash and input loans to women clients including Women and Youth farmers. We work with women and youth groups providing them with climate resilient seeds and improved farm inputs paid back in harvest; a model loved by rural agribusiness farmer groups. Our value chains are Poultry, Chilies, Rice, Groundnuts and Soybeans.

Commodity Trading

We provide buy back services for our promoted value chain on the excess yields thereby assuring our farmers of steady markets. Our agro-dealer shops located a stone-throw away from rural farmers are used as marketing hubs during harvesting season. We are always there for the farmers 365 days.

Extension Service

To ensure our rural women and youth farmers engage in Good Agriculture Practice and increase yields in a manner that does not deplete the natural resources, we provide extension services. Our vibrant well trained team of youthful extension officers provide trainings both on the farm and classroom approach to ensure farmers fully grasp the latest farming technologies and agribusiness practices.

Agwenda Promoted Value Chains

Micro-finance beneficiaries
Lives changed

Frustrating rural poverty through AWILI .

AWILI's goal is to contribute towards increasing incomes and food security among smallholder women and youth farmers while registering company business growth in Malawi.

The company is a darling to rural women and youth farmers through the AWILI innovative model that relates well with the rural agribusiness farmer groups. Rural women and youths are improving their livelihoods through this model while the company has been registering business growth since 2016 attaining sustainable synergy.


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We take pride in transforming livelihoods of people at grassroot levels.